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Who We Are

We are a private California-based company that is doing an advanced research in the area of contact center technology. The company was founded by two veterans in software industry with extensive experience in designing and developing contact centers software.


What We Are Doing

We are working on new generation of customer contact center. More specifically, we create a new advanced technology allowing easily building and executing contact center applications in the computing cloud. The technology is strongly based on formal model of contact center and implemented using modern technologies. Read more.

We are also doing consulting in different areas of contact centers including:

  • Interaction management including self-service, routing of interactions to the most appropriate resources;

  • Application AI to interaction processing including sentiment analysis of textual and voice interactions, agent assistance, chatbots, etc.;

  • Modeling, simulation and optimization of processes in contact center environment including inbound and outbound campaigns, workforce optimization, etc.

Contact Center Technology

Patent pending technology that will dramatically change a customer service of the future
“There is Nothing More Practical Than A Good Theory”
Kurt Lewin, German-American psychologist

Virtually all businesses dealing with customers should have a multi-channel customer service. Unfortunately not all could afford it because of needs in additional environment and software, complexity in usage, high expenses for installation and maintaining. Introducing hosted contact centers in computing cloud did not solve these problems. Contact center software is still complicated and as a result not affordable for majority of businesses. Creating contact center applications is still very challenger process and applications created for one contact center will not work in another one.

In this project we suggest a new model-driven approach to creation of contact center software. The approach supposes a creation of well-defined models for main components and processes of contact centers. As a main formalism the approach employs labelled property graphs (LPG), a power and flexible means for representation relationships between entities and used in modern graph databases.

A contact center model comprises three layers – operational, configuration and ontological layers. An operational layer is a layer where such entities as customer interactions, agents, and campaigns live in real-time. The main element there is relationships between entities reflecting actual relationships between customers, agents and other resources of contact center. A configuration layer contains models defining contact center infrastructure including configuration of agents, customer interactions, routing strategies, knowledge base, etc. An ontological layer comprises knowledge about structure (schema) of business domain.

Read more.



Nikolay Anisimov, co-founder

Yevgeniy Petrovykh, co-founder


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