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Interactive Routing

In the whitepaper we present a patent-pending technology for developing contact centers in cloud environments. The keystone of this technology is the creation of a Contact Center Model (CCM) that could be transformed, in a straightforward manner, into executable logic of cloud-based applications. The contact center model is a collection of interoperable models, such as a call model and agent model, but covering all functionalities of contact centers, such as interaction processing, routing, self-service, agent and customer management.

More specifically, we suggest contact center formalism (CCF) and a corresponding programming framework for the creation and execution of contact center applications, comprising all logic of interaction processing. CCF allows us to describe a structure of CCM at an ontological level by defining the main concepts, relationships and behavior of all contact center components, such as customers, their interactions, agents, routing strategies, campaigns, etc. Moreover CCF enables one to specify actual contact center configurations and represent real-time operations in a contact center.

CCF is a formalism built as a combination of finite state machines, labeled property graphs, and dynamic operations. One of the main advantages of CCF is that it is ideal for the representation of relationships between contact center entities such as customer interactions and agents, agents and their skills, customers and their needs. For instance CCF enables one to specify different types of interaction routing, including routing based on agents’ statistics, skills, organizational structures, customer properties, and many others.

The detailed description of the technology is contained in the corresponding technical report. We also demonstrate the approach with prototype IntRo implemented in AWS with a Neo4j graph database for model layers and an AWS Lambda service for functional microservices.

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